Company-Owned Fleet & Delivery Service

Contrary to other building materials suppliers, at Kempsville Building Materials, we own our fleet of delivery vehicles. Our deliveries are completed by fully licensed drivers who specialize in handling and transporting building materials and products.

It’s essential to us that we run our own fleet to ensure your building materials will arrive on time and in impeccable condition.

Advanced Dispatch & Delivery

We employ a state-of-the-art dispatch and delivery system that ensures that all orders arrive exactly when they are supposed to arrive. With this advanced system in use, we have increased our fleet's performance by almost 30%! The increased efficiency means more deliveries every day, which gives you greater flexibility and assurance when ordering from Kempsville Building Materials.

Each load transported and delivered to the job site is photographed before the driver returns to their truck. A photographic record is a valuable tool that allows us to account for the quantity, quality, and placement of every delivery you receive. Should there be any questions or concerns regarding delivery time, location, or product condition, your sales representative can easily answer those questions.