Custom Millwork

Get Creative

If you can dream it up, we can design it and produce it! The custom millwork team will translate your ideas and sketches into a unique profile or product. From casings and crown molding to chair rails to custom kitchen cabinetry to fireplace mantles, you can be sure that our millwork facility will produce quality finishing touches that add elegance to any project.

Complete Customization

Our millwork experts use their skills to make sure everything is done correctly, from the wood that enters our temperature-controlled warehouse to transforming that wood into intricate millwork products.

Our millwork experts can create custom knife profiles to match any existing profile, should a client need a match for already existing molding. This is incredibly convenient for historical projects requiring precise replication

Custom Moulding

• Custom moulding profiles are ground in-house at our facility.

• For every moulding profile, there is a master knife profile that is kept in-house to ensure its accuracy.

• Our moulders run up to 40,000 feet per day.

Curved Moulding and Arches

In our facility, we have the ability to heat Azek PVC boards to create arched and curved moulding products. Once the board is removed from the oven, we transform the board into a custom curved piece within a matter of ten minutes or less. This is one of many areas where our skilled millwork experts are especially handy to have!


The custom cabinet door machine at Carter Custom Millwork allows us to provide our customers with custom storage solutions in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Our built-to-order cabinetry helps shorten lead times and allows our customers to get exactly what they envisioned.


We have a wide variety of doors to choose from at our millwork facility. This gives you the flexibility of choosing the perfect door, hinge, and trim combination without having to wait months for delivery. Additionally, our on-site production and secure delivery mean the quality of the doors you will receive is unsurpassed. With customization, short turnaround times, and delivery to the job site or store location, why would you want to buy doors elsewhere?

Stairs and Stair Parts

Our stairs and stair parts are produced in-house by hand, ensuring the highest quality results are achieved.


• We can produce up to 12 sets of custom stairs per day.

• Custom stair parts are also made in-house.


Carter Custom Millwork employs its own dispatch and delivery system, ensuring your order arrives both safely and on schedule. We feel it's important to run our own delivery system because no one cares more about your order arriving on time and in pristine condition than we do.

We treat our deliveries very gently, just like you would a furniture delivery. We use caution while handling these very delicate and valuable orders. Our drivers are trained to treat their deliveries with extreme care.