Our services and customer appreciation are what separate us from the rest at Kempsville Building Materials. You can trust us to give you a hand, no matter where a project takes you. Our wide array of services means that we’re right there with you through the entire project.

In-store Services

Expert Customer Service

Kempsville employees are passionate about home improvement! Our knowledgeable employees can help you at any stage of your project, from choosing the right materials to informing you on anything you might not be aware of.

We’ll Load It for You

You won’t see anyone with unwieldy carts at Kempsville loading up their car or truck. That’s because we load all your building materials for you! Once you’ve paid, you’ll drive around to the lumberyard, and a helpful employee will gather your order and load it into your vehicle. It’s that easy. 

Project Estimates

Want to know what your project will cost? Our employees are experience in using your drawings, plans, or ideas to estimate costs for just about any project. We also allow you to receive project estimates through our website. 

Design Services

If you’re looking to start a building project, our stores are equipped to help you design basic structures like decks, sheds, garages, and pole buildings right in store. Many stores with kitchen showrooms have certified kitchen designers on staff to walk you through the process. 

Cutting Services

Many of our stores offer cutting services for wood and pipe products. Make your measurements at home and let us know what lengths you need. We’ll have it cut to size for pickup. There is a fee for this service.

Special Orders

Even though you may not see a product in stock at one of our stores or listed on our website, we can still get it for you. Through our special-order program, we can obtain thousands of home improvement and building products. Contact your local Kempsville Building Materials store for assistance with purchasing special order items.


While other companies make you rent an unfamiliar truck to get your purchases home, Kempsville can deliver any of our products to your home for a small fee. 


Our Installed Services department gives you the ability to have your project completed without having to hassle with contractors or taking the time to do it yourself. We’ll manage your project from beginning to end, using only skilled professionals with a focus on quality. 


If you have a building project in mind, our drafting department at Kempsville Building Materials can help make it a reality with personalized drawings tailored to your specifications. This fee-based service offers a quick 3 step process to go from preliminary sketches to the final design. 

Manufacturing Services

Molding & Millwork

At our Kempsville millwork facilities, we can produce a wide variety of custom and stock millwork pieces, including molding, pre-hung doors, stair parts, and mantles. If you or your architect can dream it up, our millwork facility can produce it for you. 

Component Plants

We have many component manufacturing facilities that supply our stores with roof and floor trusses, engineered wood products, prefabricated wall panels, and doors. If your project calls for any of these products, let us build them for you. You’ll save time and the expense of building on-site with these precisely manufactured items.