Replacing Your Windows

If you're not sure you want to replace, consider the impact that new windows make on the efficiency of your home.

What are the reasons to consider replacing your windows?

  • Improve poor daylighting from fogginess, condensation build-up or damage to windows
  • Reinvigorate your old home's style
  • Update old windows, enhancing functionality, resale potential, and home value
  • Lower your home's energy costs with efficiency and superior sealing
  • Reduce drafts and hotspots to improve the comfort of your home
  • Remove broken, stuck or worn windows
  • Enhance the beauty of both your view from the inside and your home's exterior.

Our Hassle-free Process

Initial Consultation

Our trusted window experts will listen to your needs and design the perfect solution for your home's efficiency, functionality, and beauty.

Measure & Order

You'll speak with our technicians to ensure accuracy and then finalize your plans before ordering your windows. The right fit is imperative to the performance and energy efficiency of your new windows.


Remove your old windows carefully to avoid any damage to your walls. Make sure you have a weathertight fit, while checking that your new window or door is square, level, and plumb in the opening. The new windows must be correctly sealed to prevent air, moisture, and water from coming in. It is also important to install insulation between your walls and the new windows.

Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, hardware, grilles, and screens for a custom fit to your space. We carry all the nation’s top window brands, so you can choose the right windows for your home easily.

From the professional craftsmanship to our excellent customer care at Kempsville, you can feel confident through every part of your window replacement. Take a step toward enjoying your view again!